January 22

I’m sure most of you have heard about the devastating crash of American Magic last Sunday in the race against Luna Rossa. If not there is plenty of coverage on YouTube. Just search for America’s Cup. The team has been working 24/7 rebuilding the boat. Goal is to be ready for the Prada Semi-Finals which begin a week from today. We stayed in Auckland for the week. Phil had a lot of meetings and phone calls. We left the dock this afternoon, Friday, for a night out on the boat at Waiheke Island. We are currently anchored in a nice bay on the Northeast side of the island, Oneroa Bay. Tomorrow morning we will explore some walking trails and then head back for the 4pm race between Luna Rossa and Ineos.

Team NZ fly by on our way to Waiheke Island (hit the arrow for short video)
Definitely faster than us!

4 thoughts on “January 22

  1. Yes, just so sorry to hear about that! I certainly hope that they can make all repairs and get it better than it was! I know that’s devastating. Good luck with everything! We are reading for you!


  2. Hi Wendy! Just a quick note to say how much Bill and I are enjoying your updates. What an amazing trip you and Phil are having! Can’t wait to see you when you return. Be safe.




  3. Podcast #1 of the Second Season of Conversations with Classic Boats posts on the 29th

    Relax with Dawn of the Sixes Part of a 3 part series on international competition in the worlds oldest class

    Go American Magic!!




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