The Prada Cup Begins

The Tower the night before the Prada Cup

Day One Prada Cup

The first day was all about how fast Ineos, the British team was. They spent the weeks after the Christmas Cup making changes to their whole boat. It proved successful. Not only did they win both starts but their boat speed and smarts kept them in the front for the win in both of their races for the day.

Dock off Day one of the Prada Cup
Good depiction of the scene with us in the middle of it all

Day Two Begins

Crowds filtering in to the Viaduct
Some well wishers coming by the base this afternoon before dock off (video, turn on sound, click picture)
The daily ritual when American Magic, Patriot goes on the water. Turn on your sound.

We are off to watch the races today. Lighter winds so far. The course today is a combo of Course C and D. Hopefully it will allow some more space. It was a tight course yesterday.


One thought on “The Prada Cup Begins

  1. Oh wow! What a great time you seem to be having. And it looks like the weather is fairly decent and warm because I saw people in shorts.
    Good luck and I keep watching your blog..
    Andy and I got our Covid vaccines on Thursday. It’s kind of hit or miss so we were lucky. Get our second one on February 4. They are now taking people 65.
    All is well here in Harbor Beach.


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