Back in Auckland

We spent the week catching up on things and preparing for Phil’s birthday. We had a docktails party behind our boat with about 20 friends. Nice celebration!

Prada Cup Finals

We took some friends out to watch the races Saturday and Sunday. We had a nice time. Kat fed everyone well. Luna Rossa dominated Saturday but it was a beautiful day with many spectators. Sunday was a bit windier and cloudy. The racing was closer but the Italians made no mistakes. They lead the series 4-0. The videos don’t show up on a phone so if you can, view blog on a computer to get the full effect.

A video clip from Saturday
The spectator fleet heading back to Auckland after sailing
A video clip from Sunday
Beautiful sail back to Auckland Sunday. Had to slow down in some congested areas. Many spectator boats!

We arrived back in Auckland to find out we were in a Tier Three lockdown. Three people in the same household in South Auckland had tested positive for COVID. On top of that a strong low was moving into the area. Phil and I had decided the day before that we would get off the boat for a few nights due to the high winds and rain expected. The boat gets very rocky in the West Viaduct Marina when the wind is in the N-NE direction. We have been on the boat for 2 months so the break was welcomed by me. Our boat is very comfortable but I have to say I did enjoy a long hot shower. After 2 nights in the Park Hyatt I am still rocking, time to get back to the boat. Think my body likes the constant movement. The weather has improved, wind lighter and rain almost gone. Now we just have to stay put until we get more instructions from the government Wednesday midnight. Too bad, we had a short road trip planned to go south to Rotorua.

For more information about NZ alerts see the link below.

I spent most of my day preparing tax data but did get in a little art work and reading.

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