First few weeks of February

The end of the Prada Cup Semi-Finals

Sadly NYYC American Magic is out of the 2021 America’s Cup competition. After an all hands on deck rebuild they were back on the water but unable to conquer all the gremlins. They made a courageous effort. There is plenty to read and view online. Phil spent part of last week with the team reviewing everything. This week they are continuing with those efforts.

Poking around Auckland

I spent last week walking around Auckland enjoying the sights. We did get out for an afternoon sail to Waiheke Island with some friends. We anchored and swam. Beautiful day.

The weekend RNZYS Commodore’s Cup

We were invited to join in the 150th RNZYS festivities for the weekend. It started with an evening race to Kawau Island. We started last at 6:25pm. We spent 4 hours going dead upwind about 26KM. Not ideal for a catamaran. We were able to get through most of the other boats by sunset. We finished at 10:30 PM right behind the line honors boat V5 a TP52 who started 5 minutes in front of us. We anchored in Bon Accord Harbour in Kawau for the evening. The next morning we went in to Kawau Boating Club for a burgee swap between Royal Yacht Squadron (UK) and Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and NYYC and Kawau Boating Club. Then we set out for the around the island day race. This time we started first with another very cruisy catamaran crewed by some American’s we met that morning. It was their friends’ boat. They are here on their cruising boat, “stuck”. You can’t really cruise to the Polynesians. Most of the islands are closed due to COVID. We have met several cruisers in the same situation. The race ended up being basically windward/leeward, again not ideal for a catamaran. The TP52 who started 5 minutes behind us was able to pass us downwind. We caught up quite a bit on a navigational choice through the islands on the last leg but were unable to pass them, just seconds behind. It was a nice about 22KM sail. Took about 2 1/2 hours. Much quicker than the evening race! The evening regatta party was a themed party. It is the 150th anniversary of the club. You were encouraged to dress to the theme which was: ROYAL: Dress as any of the Royal Family, NEW ZEALAND: Represent NZ and Kiwiana, YACHT: A yachtie from any decade, SQUADRON: Representing the Squadron throughout history. Phil represented us well as a “yachtie from a future decade”, winning the male top prize. We spend the evening with many sailors with a good band and lots of camaraderie.

The evening race to Kawau

Sunday morning we went to our friends Lloyd and Jan’s house on the island in North Cove and went for a hike over private land to the beach just inside Fairfield Reef. Have to time it at low tide to walk over some of the areas. Beautiful! We returned to their house for coffee, ‘Patriot’ beer for Phil and Lloyd, and then hiked back over to Bon Accord Harbour. Lloyd and Jan met us all for dinner at the Kawau Boating Club. The next morning after my family Zoom for my Dad’s 93rd(!) Birthday we sailed back to Auckland. The wind was on our side this time! 110 TWA half the way then downwind the rest of the way. 2 1/2 hour return sail. Arrived in time for the second half of the Super Bowl.

Beginning of the sail from Kawau to Auckland
Second half of the sail. Auckland in the distance.

Final gathering for the Team

Tuesday evening there was a family party for all the team members and their families. It was a fun event for all. The kids had a magician, bouncy castle and plenty of games and food. The adults had cocktails and food up on the terrace. There were several heart felt talks from the principals and NYYC Commodores and thank you gifts from the team. A wonderful evening to end a well fought campaign.

4 thoughts on “First few weeks of February

  1. You have a future as an adventure cruising journalist !! How about a book!! If they can write endless books on political campaigns you have a better one
    “In pursuit of American Magic-a fan goes to NZ”
    How about a podcast? I can send you a set of questions. And a script. If you think it’s something you want to do we can record by phone



  2. As I posted you have a future as a cruising journalist!! WordPress is a great tools

    If you’re staying in NZ Lets do a “classics of Auckland”podcast. Whatever they have as the equivalent of the boats that race in Newport at Labor Day You take the pictures. We ll record the podcast I’m doing the same for Sydney with Graeme Harrison!

    Enjoy!! At minimum you need Instagram for all the photos

    Love T

    Sent from my iPhone



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