A few more days of cruising

January 6

After staying overnight in Waitepipi Bay on the northwest side in Whangaroa Harbour we had a bit of a morning work and then explored the creek in Rere Bay by dinghy. Beautiful scenery. We pulled up anchor and headed out to Motukawanui Island in the Cavelli Islands again to anchor overnight in Horseshoe Bay. We had a nice spinnaker run out. Arrived about 4 pm and relaxed for the evening.

January 7 & 8

We left the Cavalli Islands about 10:30 am. Destination Bay of Islands. We arrived in Paitinui Bay in Te Puna Inlet around 2:30. I started the puzzle I was given in isolation. When the wind picked up and the anchor wasn’t holding we decided to leave. It was not good holding ground. We left about 4:30. We had a lively sail with J1 and full main back to Russell. 23 knots top speed. We anchored in Pomare Bay for the night. We woke up to rain in the middle of the night. It rained through the morning. Much needed in this area. It has been very dry. The afternoon cleared up and Phil & I went for a nice hike. We all went out to dinner at the Duke of Marlborough. Excellent dinner.

January 9, The 46th Tall Ships Regatta in Russell

We entered the local regatta with our Gunboat. There were 90 boats entered. 40 in out All-comers Division and 50 in the Tall Ships and Classic Classes. It was a lot of boats. The All-comers class started first. It is a ‘fun’ regatta. We had a great battle with another local Catamaran sailed by a well known Kiwi sailor. Our Cat fully fitted out for cruising against a beautifully refurbished 57 foot racing Cat. We gave him a great run. Crossed him on the first tack and then finished about a minute behind him in a 16 mile race. Rick & Robin came along for the ride. Was a spectacular day. Tonight we go ashore for a big pig roast and regatta party.

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