The next several days

We spent a few more days in Russell enjoying the hikes and our friends.

We had another lovely dinner at Rick & Robin’s house, Freddie’s long-time friends. They bought the Mills’ boat 30 years ago. Freddie was two! The ‘Phantom’ is happy in its home on day charter.

Leaving Russell, January 3

We left Russell a bit after noon. Destination, another new friend’s bay on the mainland just inside the Cavalli Islands. We had another amazing sail! Out the Bay of Islands, between Tikitiki Island and Harakeke Island and off to the Cavalli Islands.

Arrived at Wainui Bay about 3:30. Bob, a mutual, but new to us friend came out to meet us in his rib to guide us in to anchorage in front of his house. We had him aboard for a bit and then went into his house for dinner with his brother Jeff and his wife Noriko. We had a nice Japanese flair from Noriko and a good grill from Bob. Another lovely evening with new friends.

January 4th

We planned an excursion for the day with Bob. We had a morning sail to Waite Bay for a hike on Motukawanui Island. Phil, Bob and I hiked across Matukawanui Island. It was a very diverse energetic climb up and down the island with amazing views Team Arethusa met us on the other side. We thanked them for that. Would be a long return on land. We then continued about 2:30pm on to Whangaroa Harbor with Bob as our guide. It was a beautiful spinnaker run. We arrived about 4pm. We went into Peraraka Bay where we anchored for the night. Bob has a farm surrounding the bay. Picked some local oysters for a snack. Beautiful!

January 5

Work morning catching up. Had some internet. Bob and a couple who are his long time friends, Allison and Matt came up to join us for a hike. We found a lost duckling on the trail in distress. We couldn’t find her/his family so Allison snuggled her/him in her shirt and brought her/him back. Bob will raise her/him on his farm along with his other orphaned animals, 2 pigs and a goose. Crew moved boat to meet us in Waitepipi Bay near the end of the trail. Another spectacular day!

2 thoughts on “The next several days

  1. No problem staying in shape while cruising! Looks like the Caribbean without people. And its summer? Gee and you’re missing all the political fun here,., TCD


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