Practice and Day 1 of Racing

We got out on the water a few days ago to watch the practice races from one of the American Magic chase boats. Good fun! For day 1 of racing we were able to get our Catamaran in action to go watch. We had plenty of company but didn’t see any other US flagged boats. We proudly flew our American flag and the New York Yacht Club American Magic battle flag. Phil’s Past NYYC Commodore’s flag flew at the top of our mast. We were assigned a good spot to watch. The first 3 races were uneventful. The last race was a real nail biter! American Magic was off to a great start and had a good first few laps. The last weather beat NZ caught up and gained the lead at the top mark. There were mistakes made by both teams but American Magic prevailed in the end beating NZ by 12 seconds. The race goes so quickly! We watched and also had the commentary streaming on the boat. It has a lag so everything they say has already happened in our eyes. It was really nice to have the stream to see replays and close ups of situations, as well as, listen to their comments and action on the boats. We will be back out this afternoon for Day 2. More to report tomorrow.

The village and practice day

Day 1 of Racing

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