Day 9 in Quarantine

We are getting into a routine now. Up by 6 or 6:30am to catch up with the East Coast U.S. business. Their morning is over (the day before us). Phil’s first coffee is the instant in the room. Breakfast gets delivered outside the door in a brown paper bag generally between 7:30 and 8:15. At 9am I call the restaurant number to order 2 large flat whites (coffee with warm milk). That is the earliest you can call because they are busy delivering all the meals. They call me back when they are prepared and I go down and pick them up. Don’t forget my mask!! We continue catching up with all the East Coast folks and Phil has many other business calls. Sometimes the hotel internet works ok and sometimes it is very sketchy. We have multiple ways to access it. Sometimes we just use either Phil’s NZ phone for a hotspot or our U.S. international data plan (seems to be the most reliable for my phone although I can’t get it to be a hotspot). Now we are past 11am. I go out for my daily 3+ mile walk. One loop up and down multiple areas is 1/2 mile. Lunch is delivered in a brown bag outside our door around noon. Early afternoon Phil generally goes our for his 4-6 mile walk/run. We have our strengthening equipment and yoga mat in the room so that slots in somewhere every day too.

The American Magic Team has made a few deliveries of supplies. Some ceramic plates and stainless cutlery were a nice substitute for all our paper and plastic. Vodka and soda were most welcome. Our little counter is looking a bit crowded with snacks and supplies. There is a constant stream of new guests coming and going every few days. There are a lot of families with children in the recent groups. Some family and friends come to chat through the fence. There are pods of exercise groups enjoying the lawn. We are all watched over by various “guards”. Everyone remains to be pleasant and cooperative. Only 5 more days!

Our late afternoons are filled with various activities. Phil generally does just more work. Me, I draw, blog, read and keep things sorted out. Dinner gets delivered around 6:30. We watch a little TV news or sports and then more reading or watching videos on our iPads. Bedtime is fairly early to start the next day all over again. That’s life in Quarantine!

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