We are in day 6 of managed isolation in Auckland. 14 days is a small price to pay for exiting into a Covid free environment. The hotel staff, nurses, security, police, army and navy are all very pleasant and accommodating in their roles. The food is actually pretty good. We are having a nice break from cooking and cleaning up 3 meals a day as we have been doing basically since last March. Our outside exercise area is also quite nice. It is open all day and evening with a limited number of people out at one time. However, we quickly discovered that the whole place closes down when guests arrive and depart and if there is a positive case. So we have learned to manage our outside time wisely. Day 3 we tested with negative results so are on our way. Our teammates at American Magic have brought us some welcome supplies. A modem we can connect to the hotel WiFi is one of the most welcome. It secures our connection and ensures a bit of speed. The other welcome gift was a couple bottles of Vodka. We can order out some groceries but really don’t need much. They also have a very limited room service menu, a real coffee being the most welcome. You order by phone and go pick it up.

One thought on “Quarantine

  1. Sounds like your off to a wonderful start on your adventure! How exciting that the house and the condo all came together . Will keep our fingers crossed that all goes well on that end. Looking forward to following Life on New Zealand ! Hugs!


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