America’s Cup 36 is over

We went out with different guests to watch racing Monday through Wednesday. You can follow the races on all kinds of online posts. I will just highlight a few things from a spectator on the race course. The crowds were large and enthusiastic on land and on the water. The AC boats never cease to amaze as they tow or sail by. Videos included.

NZ entry Race 1 Tuesday. We had the best viewing spot of all the days we have watched.
Victory tow in

One thought on “America’s Cup 36 is over

  1. Stayed up and watch it all. Amazing coverage between Kenny, Shirley, Nathan and the KIwii voices, with that huge camera on the Prada b oat and the helicopter , this sets the bar for presenting elite sailing
    If. I wanted a starting helmsman, I’d take. Spithill. If i wanted to go fast with the bow down, like in a Moth or an Escow, I’d give. It to Burley. That combination would b e world beating. Bruni seemed to fade under pressure. The Kiwis were like the Golden State Warriors of basketball from the top years, no lead , no problem.
    Watching the meters, LR always seems. 2 knots slower
    Meantime, I did four (4). New podcasts while you were gone. Reviewed by the Times. Working on.the commercial side


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