Saturday, last day of AC World Series

Saturday was the last day of the series. When the wind finally settled down and the course got set up we all saw some good sailing. We had a few team member’s family members on board. It was nice to share Arethusa with some other fans.

Sunday, The Christmas Cup

The wind was very light. They started the first race, NZ against Ineos. NZ got around 1 lap on their foils. Ineos struggled to stay on her foils through the first tack (right in front of us) off the line. They sailed in displacement mode the rest of their one lap completed. The wind set down to 5 knots and NZ came off her foils too. Time limit ran out just before NZ was able to get to the finish. No race. Best part of the day was the American Magic fly by on the way back to base.

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